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A bit about us


OK, this bit is a tad narcissitic but the site template had it as a section so i just filled it in, reading it is optional.


A bit About the boat


Probably a bit boring for most, but if you're interested in mast height, sail area, hull design and stuff like that, this is where it's at.

This is not an excercise in narcissism, it's just a website from a template so that family and friends and whoever else can see where we are and what we are doing, if they want.




Favourite shots


Along the way we take quite a few photos of stuff, normally on our phones, these are a selection of the ones that we didn't delete.

Blog (Facebook Link)


All our daily updates go straight to our Facebook page, you can find it directly by searching for Jori Story from Facebook. 



Favourite videos

We bought a GoPro, learnt how to use it, learnt how to do some basic editing, you better appreciate it. This actually a link to our YouTube page.

Welcome to SV Jori